We are currently running the following project:

Aiming High for Disabled Children

We provide fun activities & care for disabled children aged 0-10yrs at local venues and parks across the City and also extra activities for school age children in school holidays. We support & motivate children to take risks and explore new play opportunities, providing one to one or two to one individual support where needed. Transport may be offered to children who are unable to access activities themselves.

Here are a list of just a few of the activities that we provide:

little girl smiling

Children learn new skills, build confidence, learn to share and take turns, make decisionís, socialise, make new friends, learn the rules to games, count, be imaginative, access technology. It helps their communication & language development as well as their understanding of the world.

A few things parents have said about the Aiming High Project:

"We have time to do something for ourselves or spend quality time with siblings etc"
"I feel less stressed, more able to cope with family life"
"My child has progressed so much from coming to the sessions"
"Swimming has brought my child on, he used to be afraid of the water"
"Seeing my childís face when he came back from swimming was priceless, I canít thank you enough"

View our Aiming High Project Review here