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Could you be a BEFRIENDER?

Do you have a few hours to spare each week to visit and support a parent who may feel lonely and isolated or have problems a befriender can provide a listening ear for or practical help. By helping the parent this has a positive impact upon the whole family, improving children's lives and prospects.

Being a Befriender is also good for you. It has been shown to improve people’s confidence, emotional health and well-being and improve their prospects in the job market by increasing their skills and awareness.

Befrienders are fully trained to provide support and expenses are reimbursed. The only requirement is that you are a parent yourself and are able to offer a few hours each week on a regular basis.

If you think you may be interested in becoming a Befriender and joining our training course beginning 8th February, contact us for more information and an application form, there's no obligation: 01782 863762; info@cafstaffordshire.org.uk

What is Children & Families Staffordshire?

We are a new charitable incorporated organisation set up in April 2015 to ensure all children & young people have the opportunities and support they need to be successful in life.

What are Children & Families Staffordshire aims?

We aim to ensure all children and young people are supported to access the opportunities and support they need to be successful during childhood and into adulthood. The service endeavours to be preventative and is provided early in a child's/young person's life, before situations and issues escalate.

Why do families need support?

Families live with many issues and complications, some of which can have a negative effect on children's health and wellbeing and have the potential to escalate into more serious situations.

Children & Families Staffordshire - Putting Children First

This means that our service is child focussed. See ways in which we support children.

“89% of people agree that if we want to have any hope of mending our broken society, family and parenting is where we’ve got to start.” Centre for Social justice: Breakthrough Britain July 2014

“A child’s relationships and learning experiences in the family have more influence on future achievements than ability, material circumstances or the quality of pre school and school provision.” ” sylvia et al

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